Sunday, September 04, 2005

ThinkNOLA Wiki

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to help New Orleans communities that have lost their regular information resources by collecting and organizing information specific to that community, and by re-establishing social networks using the semantic/world wide web.

The Problem We Solve

A community is any group of people, a University, neighborhood, school, church, hospital, apartment building, business, or gathering place.

Many New Orleans web sites and e-mail servers have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. People are without their regular community web site, without their regular e-mail.

What's worse, they've lost their coffee shops, pubs, parks, cork boards, and telephone polls.

Many of the communities in our lives are based on a face-to-face or phone network, and have never needed online resources to organize. We don't notice until the those social focal points are gone.

When New Orleans starts to come back online, there are communites that still won't exist.

Unless we create a place for them to exist in Web 2.0, using all the new web services available.

It's not enough to point them at a web service. This is no time to learn new software.

We know how. We can show them. We can do it for them.

Grace E. Lee