Saturday, September 03, 2005

200 displaced persons in BR need Help!

We got an urgent request from volunteers at a church in Baton Rouge
where they were taking care of 200 displaced persons who came in
Thursday night and were being housed at a nearby church.

They need the following donations ASAP:

-baby diapers and clothing all sizes
-shoes and socks adult to children
-toiletries items of all kinds

On Thursday the volunteers at the church gave out 400 lbs of food and
had 100 people sleeping in the nearby church's basement Friday.

KatrinaHelp team called up the volunteer via the phone number provided
and the following were stressed by them and confirmed by us:

-All of the mentioned items on the list
-12 cots
-20 packs of diapers (each pack having 5)
-Food & drinking water is really needed - they are running out of food
to feed the people!

We got an address for you to where the above donations/items can be sent to:
Brown Field Baptist Church , 11998, Baton Rouge.

Telephone: 225-774-4506
Volunteer's name is Patsy, you can also ask for Elizabeth.

Please, please, any assistance give to them asap, is most helpful!
Also please circulate this to local aid agencies in BR and other
donors who can help out.

Angelo Embuldeniya.

(The KatrinaHelp Team)
+15042081564 -- local to Tulane, LA -24hrs/day/international