Saturday, September 03, 2005

Story Corrections

Relayed from Johnny brother of a NO cop and new Houston Resident
Contrary to your newspaper, the following IS NOT totally true:
" 'The police were afraid to do anything,' said Chantelle, a black 22- year-old. 'They wouldn't come in. They took two white guys out one night but left the rest of us in here.'
Actually far more black people were removed by the police. About 2/3rds of the probelm people were black people. Factual thing this figure also, New Orleans is 67% Black.
" Williams said: 'The floor was a swamp, you couldn't live in there. The police kept telling us buses were coming but they didn't. People started getting aggravated and then one policeman got mad, he caught an attitude with somebody and they caught an attitude back and started banging on his car, and that's how it started. He called for back-up and the next thing I know the military are down there throwing stun grenades. Everybody started running, bumping into each other, hurting each other.'
Waited for days for busses that never came. But the cops couldn't call anybody, thiedr radios were gone, and cell phones also. The Police were NOT in possesion of ANY stun grenades. The Evacuees were firing stolen guns at each other WITHIN the Convention Center. The Police never fired a shot.
" The authorities' failure to respond to the situation has prompted outpourings of national revulsion and calls for high-level resignations.
You bet your sweet ass. Revulsion is FAR to lenient of a word. Resignations? Officials should be jailed. Maybe a week in Tent-City without toilets would teach the President what it was like. But how would he know. He was probably reading "My Pet Goat" while on vacation in Texas during the storm. And while he's at it, take 5 pounds of that Goat Shit, put it in a air-breather and super glue it to his face for the week.
Yes, the cops weren't at all "helpfull". And I hear a good percentage of "New Orleans Finest Policemen" simply walked off the job. To the ones that stayed and tried to do something: they had all lost thier homes also. They had no food either. They had no clean running water. No showers, and they didn't loot.
I am safe in Houston. You have NO idea what it was like to take a shower in a hotel. I find a way to rebuild. So will my brother, when he gets here. As of tonight, he's waiting in line for beef stew from the Red Cross. Ya see, he's actually one of New Orleans Finest. And human.
As for me, I am gonna take another 5 hour shower.