Sunday, September 04, 2005

Evacuations of Charity Hospital & University Hospital - COMPLETE!

the KatrinaHelp Team have got info from Bob McBride that evacuations
of Charity Hospital and University Hospital yesterday have been
completed successfully! Both campuses were evacuated yesterday.
University > patients by huey off roof , staff others by air boats to
buses to airport and many cities. Charity > by airboats to buses,
airport and to other cities. The ER nurses left after the last
hospital patient was removed, Bob (Rn) is one of those and currrentlly
in lafayette, La with family. They had to evacuate the 1st floor ED to
2nd floor auditorium, a feat accomplished in 1 1/2 hrs- pts,
supplies,pyxis contents, etc.

(The KatrinaHelp Team)
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