Wednesday, September 07, 2005

South Asian Bloggers Respond to Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has provoked a lot of reaction in the blogosphere. A lot of South Asian blogs are seeing this disaster in the light of the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster in Dec 2004 and the Mumbai Flood.

Chapati Mystery has a post on reactions to disasters in the US. Post-Katrina, Taz Ahmed has a lot to say - from television, Oprah to grassroots efforts. A post on Intentblog wonders if the Bush Administration has adopted God’s policy of watching and waiting. has a say on “Accountability and Katrina“. Zoostation outlines more excuses from the government and lashes out at the reaction of Rev. Bill Shanks.

Ahmed Bilal asks questions on race, looting and links to other blogs exploring the same issues. Dilip has some memories of New Orleans and questions why there is a competition to establish who suffers more. Amardeep Singh evokes poignant images of the 1927 Mississippi Flood, by quoting Robert Frost.

Flotsam has a post on BoingBoing’s ill timed sarcasm. POV questions the breakdown of security in the hurricane hit area comparing it to the flood in Mumbai, and links to Maitri, an Indian blogger from New Orleans. the olive ream has a post questioning the efficacy of FEMA in the “the fema-nuchurian candidate”. compares disaster response of the Tsunami and Katrina. Days go by.. has a post on the aftermath of the disaster and recovery. Rezwan takes a look at the online discussions on the situation and lessons it holds for us, and another post on what Bangladesh is doing for the victims.