Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Update on Community Wireless Response

Hello everyone,

I'm currently on a plane and have a moment to catch up on things and send out e-mails to allies.  This is sort of a breaking story -- involving a number of different community wireless groups and allied (grassroots) organizations.

I'm coordinating efforts by Community Wireless networking folks to deploy telecommunications infrastructure in the refugee camps and disaster areas in and around the NOLA region.  In a nutshell, Community Wireless experts from across the United States are heading to areas hard-hit by Katrina to aid with building telecommunications infrastructure.  The Center for Neighborhood Technology, CUWiN, and Free Press are all handling logistical support -- Paul Smith (from CNT) is heading up our advance team and is scheduled to arrive Tuesday afternoon.  A second team, headed up by Jake Appelbaum and Joel Johnson, is on their way to Houston and expected to arrive today also.  We're working with folks in Houston and Prometheus Radio Project to get a low-power FM station off the ground -- check www.emergencyresponseservices.org for more info once that gets online.

You can read several recent stories here:


And we're making hourly updates here:  www.cuwireless.net

If you'd like to help, please don't hesitate to contact our response coordination team at:  cu-wireless-response@cuwireless.net

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