Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Crates and other supplies needed for animal rescues

    From Muttshack.org: <http://www.muttshack.org>                               

  HURRICANE KATRINA ANIMALS PLEASE SEND CRATES!    A rescue effort is under way with students at LSU, the LA/SPCA  and  the ASPCA SD in Baton Rouge to collect animals and bringing  them into a staging center at the the LSU AgCenter/Parker  Coliseum.    We need 1,000 extra large air-kennels (open crates).
 You can mail clean used crates or order online and have  them delivered directly to the DISASTER AREA.

 Animals are coming into the rescue center...  we still need 800 more  crates and supplies!

  DONATE A RESCUE CENTER $150 !   <https://www.registrationfactory.com/v3/?EventUUID=B47421FD> 
Delivered Directly To Coliseum NOW!

                       DONATE TO THE CAUSE (ANY AMOUNT) <https://www.registrationfactory.com/v3/?EventUUID=B47421FD>
 TAX deductible... 501(c)3 a project of the National Heritage Foundation!
Or Buy online and ship your crate and mattress directly to the Disaster  Zone! PLEASE EXPEDITE SHIPPING!
 LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
 Skip Bertman Drive.

Baton Rouge, LA  70803

 Please send a confirmation e-mail to  amanda@muttshack.org <mailto:amanda@muttshack.org>  so that I may alert them your rescue center is on  the way!

 There are animals being given up ... who will need homes in  about a week when we determine that they are abandoned.   If you would like to adopt a Katrina Pet please contact members@muttshack.
Financial contributions will help them buy urgent supplies  and veterinary medicine!

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