Saturday, September 10, 2005

Please Help!!!!!

I have been trying since last Tuesday(right after the storm ) to get someone to help me. The Coast Guard, Local Police in New Orleans, missing person reports etc, missing animal reports etc.

My cousin is in a Veterans Hospital , Shreveport, LA, Overtonbrook Veterans Hospital,since two days before Katrina, her name is Lorraine Sherman, age 83. 1-800-863-7441 Hospital # or cell number 504-301-6367 to talk with her.

Her son Scott Sherman age 54, 5ft 10in, brown hair and eyes, no one has heard from him since before the storm on Saturday, he was at her house with his dogs and her dogs and cats, they both have rescued these dogs from streets and such in the past' She is laying in this hospital with no help to find her son and missing beloved pets..

Her address is 4849 Piety Dr, New Orleans, LA, ,,,3rd house on the left from the corner of Mirabeau Ave, in the Gentilly Woods District.
It is a one story house with an flat top art studio on the side, has a brick fence and some wrought Iron gates. She is afraid the animals could not get free from the iron gate.

There are three or four cats, this is all second hand information ,All dogs should have collars on.

Dog one resembles a Cockapoo, color BLACK, Female, name is DAYS-ZA-VOO, small size

Dog two, resembles a Rotwiller ( not sure of spelling ) male, name is HIWAY as he was found on the highway.

Dog three chow and lab mix gold color, female, name is I-TEN ( found there)

Dog 4 and 5 are ZIGGY and ZOO Tan and brown Mutts, not sure of sex.

Dog 6, has bow leg, female , black, name is HOMELESS

Dog 7, Black Lab, male, docked tail, 115 lbs, name is ZORO,

Dog 8 is a female Pekinese, named BABETTE

there is more dogs, not sure, feel free to call Lorraine

Please Please help as no one else has, she said she would pay anyone and pay for their keep.

Juliane Burbach
411 South 54th St
Tacoma, WA 98408