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Hard Knock Radio and Third WorldMajority’s Media,Justice fact finding and relief delegation

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Support Hard Knock Radio and Third World Majority’s Media
Justice fact finding and relief delegation of Journalists of
Color to the Gulf States impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The
cities covered include Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Biloxi, MS,
Jackson, MS, and Selma, AL from September 11-21, 2005. This
delegation will be traveling to cover the personal stories of
Black, Latino, and Asian families neglected by mainstream media
and criminalized by local and national government. The
delegation will provide much needed office infrastructure to the
community institutions on the frontlines courageously struggling
to help their people survive. Organizers from these areas have
requested their stories of survival and resistance in this
intense conditions be told because it could make the difference
between organizations receiving aid, rescue, and rebuilding
funds. The collection of these stories document the lack of
response from local, state, and federal government agencies who
have been unaccountable to poor communities of color. These
collected stories will ensure future accountability of the
local, states, and federal government.

To maximize the impact of these stories, Jeff Chang, a national
award-winning author, will submit write ups of the collected
stories to print and internet outlets. In addition, radio
interview stories will be broadcasted on the Pacifica network
and available via podcast, while video documentary will be
available via progressive television and news outlets.

Stories we are confirmed to cover:

* Ongoing harrowing stories of survival by people of the Gulf
States. This includes stories of separation, cooperation,
kindness, and despair as people were abandoned by their local,
state, and federal government who were responsible to protect

* Abuse of citizens trying to flee or survive by the militarized
force of local police, national guard, and army. Many
are reporting the racist impacts of this martial law and have
heartbreaking stories, many of them involve people whose attempt
to leave resulted in them being forced to stay at gunpoint to
“prevent looting”. These situations will only worsen as the
government infrastructure and military jurisdiction in the area
increases over time.

*The courage of community organizations supporting their
communities despite their exclusion from relief funds by the Red
Cross and FEMA. From churches, labor unions, youth, and other
social justice groups, members of these organizations have
bravely supported their memberships. At the same time staff and
members, have also personally lost their homes, livelihoods, and
family members.

*The independent monitoring of the body count in New Orleans by
parallel media journalists to guarantee accuracy and
accountability of the government.

*The abandonment of youth and adult inmates in prison in the
Gulf States area. In addition the ongoing criminialization of
survivors “stealing food and water”, branding them as looters in
temporary jails.

Stories we are researching to cover (we are still identifying
individuals and community organizations as sources)

*The independent monitoring of the toxic clean-up by
environmental justice organizers.

*The connection to this “natural disaster” with global warming
and environmental racism

*The rebuilding of New Orleans by corporate profiteers from
oil, gambling, and real estate industries, and the community
struggle of the People’s Committee for New Orleans to fight for
oversight and community accountability in this struggle.

*The experience of Native Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans
and other communities living in the Gulf States. Their stories
of resistance have been marginalized in the coverage of Katrina
as the racial divide in the region and the country has been
framed again and again solely as black and white, effectively
making these communities’ plight invisible. Of note is what has
happened to the undocumented workers in this area.

Some of the Organizations we hope to connect and help (not a
full list and we are still attempting to contact folks):

The People's Hurricane Fund & Community Oversight Committee
Incite Gulf States Chapter
FFLIC (Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated
Louisiana Welfare Rights Organization
Louisiana Bucket Brigade
Southern Echo
21st Century Youth Leadership Movement
Malcom X Grassroots Movement Gulf States Chapters
NAACP/MER-C in Missisippi
Southern Relief Fund c/o Mississippi Workers' Center for Human

Ways that you can help.

* Please send us information about progressive organizations in
the region that are your allies that require new and/or
additional equipment. Much of this info is coming out via our
political networks but in isolated pockets. If you can send us
that info ASAP we can make sure they get office equipment now or
in the future. You can send that info to or

*Please send stories that are breaking within your community,
family, and organizing networks. Many of the stories are only
coming out because of these relationships. Please send this info
to both and

* Please donate office equipment and supplies to Third World
Majority’s office at 369 15th St, Oakland, Ca 94612 before
September 10. 2005. Office equipment received will go to
progressive organizations who had their infrastructure destroyed
and require these equipment to continue to support their
membership in this time of crisis. Office equipment that is
needed includes laptops, fax machines, printers, scanners,
office supplies, etc. This delegation will leave September
11-21st, 2005. Any equipment received after this time will still
be shipped to the organizations shortly after donation. If you
are willing to donate equipment and are not based in the Bay
Area please contact the TWM office and we will connect you to
the appropriate regional drop off point or organization for your

* Please donate funds to cover future shipping costs of
equipment. Shipping to this area is extremely expensive given
the breakdown of infrastructure in this region.

* Please continue to donate to grassroots sources of funding in
the region. A quick link to these funds is below. * Please send
stories that are breaking within you community, family, and
organzing networks. Many of the stories are only coming out
because of these relationships. Please send this info to both and

* Please donate funds to support this delegation. We are
bringing radio and video producers from Hard Knock and Third
World Majority as well as journalists/organizers of color from
the Southeast. We want to support these journalists who are in
these areas to get their stories out. The more funding we
receive for this delegation the more we can support their

For any other questions please contact Hard Knock Radio and
Third World Majority below:

Hard Knock Radio
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Third World Majority
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