Friday, September 09, 2005

Anti-Rumor Hotline

South Mississippi now has a ‘Hotline’ to quell rampant rumor mill!

If you are hearing gossip, "they're going to bulldoze most of South Mississippi." And are upset – "have no worries" Mississippi officials have once again proved how much they care.

By creating a 24-hour hotline. That is manned with operator’s who will work round the clock, in three shifts, answering phones, while others man a rumor radio station from the county Emergency Operations Center in Gulfport.


Residents should and are encouraged to call the hotline or listen to the radio before spreading the exciting, and often farfetched, rumors.

Rumor hotline: 228-865-4070

Rumor radio: 1390 AM

God Bless America

Elizabeth Grilley