Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'd like to volunteer my time and effort to help


I have been trying to spread the word about a website created to help victims of
hurricane katrina share specific and valuable information over the web by
submitting news, uploading pictures of their relatives and etc...
The site is
However, it's been very difficult because of the amount of scams and false
charity solicitations already present on the net. This website is completely free
and peer to peer. No one (me included) is trying or making any money, I simply
want to help. As a result of the evacuation, many families and relatives are
scattered throughout the country with little or no information. So, this will
allow them to communicate with each other easily, freely and efficiently. So
please let people know about it on your blog or whenever you get the chance.

Morgan Marquise
P.S.:if you have any questions, email me at