Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blame is an interesting thing...

It seems odd that the people talking of "blame" don't seem to be doing anything.   As one of the few military people, who have defended our Nation, right or wrong, I believe I've earned the right to speak of what is right and what isn't.   All those who don't contribute in America, other than moaning, "take a ticket folks", you are not adding benefit - just hurting the country that allows you to rant.
MANY other states have faced crisis - some as extreme as Katrina - over the past years.   Florida (Homestead), South Carolina & North Carolina (Hugo), North Carolina (Bertha & Fran within 4 weeks of each other).   I didn't see shooting, or whining, just action.    Florida dug out.   South Carolina dug out.   North Carolina dug out.    FEMA HELPED - FEMA didn't "do everything" as apparently Louisiana Governor Blanco believes they are supposed to.    FEMA "assists".   FEMA doesn't do your work Governor - so maybe you should READ the plan next time before complaining.
Mississippi dug out from Katrina.   Anyone looting, shooting or whining there.   Don't think so.   These are people who add value and are good Americans.   Oh, by the way, Mississippi took the hardest hit in Katrina's path - not New Orleans.
So let me say what the real problem with Katrina is:   The issue isn't Race, and never will be.   The issue isn't FEMA.   The issue is "What happens when you have 30% of a major city on welfare, with no transportation, and they aren't used to working or doing anything?"    THIS is what happens.   Looting - shooting - no drivers for the 800 buses - few working people to dig out - riots - rapes - chaos - death.    New Orleans after Katrina is an example that we all need to learn from.   A society that embraces ENTITLEMENT - is doomed to the consequences.    Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco - at a MINIMUM - should have put FOOD and WATER at the Superdome.   Didn't happen.    Mayor Nagin should have had his Police and Emergency personnel briefed and on call - many ran away.   Governor Blanco should have activated ALL LOUISIANA National Guard.    These are HER RESOURCES - why were some of the first units from Texas?   Louisian State Police?   Who knows.    Bush - yep - he should have been clear with Homeland Security and FEMA to COORDINATE for the needs.    Expectations of everyone were incorrect - and now half the people are complaining - and the other half are doing the usual - and digging out.
Now we all live with the consequences.    Most people who could afford to evacuate Katrina did.   These were the working people - they probably will return to Louisiana.    Most of the people who didn't evacuate didn't have the means to do so - many of them were underpriveldged and unemployed.    So - we've now taken these folks and put them on a different State's Welfare roles.   Just moved the problem - and didn't fix it.
Katrina has caused a mess.   It is a darn shame that America can't work together and find a solution that IMPROVES things - and makes sure this doesn't happen again.    Instead we allow for political bickering, rhetoric and nonsense.   "Bush doens't like Blacks" - what imbecile actually believes this?    So let's ask the question for most Americans who have never served their country - "Are you willing to work in a positive manner to fix this situation?", "Are you willing to only speak of positive and good things that will help, instead of the negative, blame, nonsense?" - If so - you are an American.   If not - we don't appreciate you taking up space.
Austin, TX

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