Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Victims have no one to blame but themselves

> > I am disgusted with the ignorance of people complaining of a slow response to a crisis. The state and local officials of New Orleans have been warned for many years of the possibility that a natural disaster of this magnitude could occur. This was no surprise folks. People were warned for days to leave. There was a mandatory evacuation ordered two days before the storm. FREE transportation and shelter was offered. The remaining citizens are the ones to blame for the situation they are in. They did not evacuate when told to do so. They ignored all the warnings, did nothing to protect themselves and are now complaining that officials are not doing enough. These very same folks are DEMANDING help. With a crisis of this magnitude it is impossible to get an immediate response. Planning, preparation and action take some time. These people made a choice to stay. Why didn’t they also choose to stock up on food and water? Contrary to popular belief, the National Guard is not sitting around playing cards waiting for a disaster to strike! It is understood that people are desperate and require basic human needs. This does not justify criminal behavior. This is a NATURAL disaster. No one planned it and no one can predict the outcome. But, as usual, when citizens do not want to accept responsibility………….they play the “race” card. GIVE ME A BREAK.