Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Special PULSE Program for Katrina Victims

In response to the destruction and pain caused by Hurricane Katrina, we are
organizing ­ today from 2-3 pm Central Time - a forum via video conference
linking youth from New Orleans living in the Houston Astrodome to three
schools in Maize KS, Magnolia, TX and Passaic Valley High School, NJ.

This special PULSE program will give students the opportunity to speak
directly with the victims of Hurricane Katrina and listen to their stories.

Schools interested in viewing a webcast of this dialogue can dial in for
free at the following location:

Additionally, all high schools within the US with access to video
conferencing technology are invited to dial in to this event for free using
the following ISDN numbers:

(310) 426-1846
(310) 426-1844
(310) 426-1845
(310) 426-1847
(310) 426-1848

(In case your connection is unsuccesful, please call Glowpoint at 1 (866)
456-9764, press option 4)

When: Tuesday, September 13th between 2 and 3 P.M Central Time (14 :00 ­15
:00 CT)

We hope you¹ll join us for this very special event.

This is a joint program of Global Nomads Group, Polycom, Inc., Glowpoint,
Inc., and IDSolutions.