Thursday, September 15, 2005

The ultimate DIY IT story (Doc Searls' IT Garage)

The ultimate DIY IT story, and our first IT Garage podcast, all in one

One of the greatest all-time DIY IT stories is the one that will be told, and re-told about how DirectNIC stayed up and running through Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, which remains the greatest disaster to befall a major American city in the country's history: a catastrophe on par with the Chicago Fire and the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

Sigmund "Sig" Solares is a lifelong New Orleans native and the CEO of DirectNIC, a substantial domain registrar and hosting service headquartered in the Crescent City, close to the Superdome. While DirectNIC's data center, on the 9th floor of a large office building, was not flooded out, it was victim to the complete loss of infrastructure suffered by the city surrounding it. Gone were electricity, ventillation, elevator service, water and, well, civilization. Yet Sig and his crew kept the service running — while all hell broke loose outside. Literally. (more...)

Grace E. Lee