Wednesday, September 14, 2005

To all the defenders of gw on the new orleans floods,
Remeber the buck stops here,,
Who should have taken charge when people were dying at
the dome and trapped in thier attics, Who could have
ordered relief in days earlier. Instead wait 3 days
and rides in appoints a new gen. and suddenly 150
trucks roll in. How long had these trucks been held to
make this entrance. Why when you look at fly over
pictures there is no or few helicopters in the photos.
Why did it take 4 days before blackhawks started
dropping supplies into NOLA.
Why didn't the corp of engineers start checking the
levees on Monday morning, and start shoring them up
before the break. (the 17th st canel was washed out
under the walls), The quickest way to have pluged the
17th st canel was to go to the bridge lake side of the
break, and come in from the dry side and pluged the
canel. not repair the break it self, and then with
only one barge that had no moter worked to repair it.
Three barges should have been used, one at each end
and one being refilled.
A hunred other mistakes were made and our leader was
no where to lead except for the photo ops.