Thursday, September 01, 2005

KatrinaHelp Wiki - Query for Ham Operators - Gulf Coast Area

I'm Angelo Embuldeniya from the KatrinaHelp team
( and this is a request for information to Ham
Radio operators in the Gulf Coast Areas:

1) We would like to know how many live online ham radio/audio streams
can you support at once?

If you do have a lot of streams we can just list your link on the
KatrinaHelp Wiki and let people listen in as they may and of course
somebody will be transcribing your feeds to text.

2) Do you have a lot of bandwidth?

If you are worried about not having enough bandwidth to support all
the people who may want to listen to the streams then we would have to
set up a relaying icecast server for those feeds.

3) Do you need a relaying server for this live online ham radio/audio
stream or not?

We can do that but should only do so if it is not redundant.

You can reply/reach us via this blog or by sending an email to[at]

Thank you,
The KatrinaHelp Team