Thursday, September 29, 2005

St B Middle School / Mansion 2 eyewitness accounts

These 2 people have no internet access to send these accounts and asked to do it for them-but these are their words with nothing omitted or added-and i am just replaying their accounts- please do not brush this off and let it be forgotten by the happy fluffy stories. Local police corruption and calusness should be known by the St. Bernard Parish residents and taxpayers whos money will be used to rebuild their parish.

2) Please Help please call Frank, 504-701-3233. He needs advice and if anyone want to go with him to gather the evidence and document/video tape evidence. Please help.The day of hurrican Katrina, 6 dogs were put into Sebastien Roy School on Bayou Rd. in St. Bernard Parish. This was the only safe place to put the dogs. These were full bred pit bulls, well trained, my brother has bred them for fifteen years. Poncho, the head male was eight years old and superbly trained. Cheyenne was pregnant and near the birth. The others were three females, three years, five months, and seven months and a male who was five months. Yesterday my brother was able to enter the parish and go see for his dogs. This is what he found: The head male and and the three females were shot dead, shell casings litter the area. They appear to have been dead for at least two weeks. The young male, a five month puppy, was locked in a room and found dead. This dog was left to starve, which he did. The mother had given birth to three puppies, all were found locked in a stairwell with no water or food. The puppies were well, but the mother was near death, never has he seen a dog as skinny as she was. My brother is furious at the murder of his animals and intends to return tomorrow to photograph the evidence and take any legal action that he can. He was told by a first hand witness that the St. Bernard Sheriff dept. did the shooting. This was not necessary. We can understand that the head male might have to be put down because he would defend his family, but the others were puppies, they would not hurt anyone. Please call Frank, 504-701-3233. He needs advice and if anyone want to go with him to gather the evidence. Please help.

1) I found all of the dogs that were in that huge mansion Beauregard Middle School in St Bernard parish. dead. Most chained with curtain cords. Some appeared to have been shot. Mother dog laying dead on her dead pup. Pure horror..There were people staying in there for a long time too. It looks like about a 20 foot wall of water came through there. I found desperate scribblings on the wall about peoples pets. Angel was one of them. I didn't find any beagles (Hunter) but I found a brown collar with tags that had been chewed off and the dog was gone. There were fresh dog tracks in the mud in the newer part of the school in the back but when we went in there there was a lot of water, it hurt our lungs to breathe, so we walked the murky halls calling and no dogs came. I think a couple of mini schnauzers and a dachsund were rescued for I saw a note scribbled on the wall by Nat. guard saying they took those dogs to baton rough. I photographed everything including the pleas written on the walls....The people held up there lived in squallor, it was a scene from hell."

Marilyn McGee, animal rescuer