Thursday, September 29, 2005

Volunteers URGENTLY Needed in Kirbyville, Beaumont, TX

Those who can do hard physical work, carpenters and people who know
how to string a fence, operate machinery, etc. are urgently needed to
help out at the Exotic Wildlife Refuge & Orphanage in Kirbyville, TX.

Please contact Monique Woodward at phone # (409) 423-4847 for more
details or if you're close to the area, please go over to:

HC 3 Box 96-A
Kirbyville, TX 75956

If anyone has a backhoe (this is specific to a volunteer team that's
already on the ground or going over there) please take it along with
you to the orphanage, they need one over there to hold a couple of
trees up. If you require more information regarding this location and
volunteering details, please email the KatrinaHelp team with subject
line as 'KH-Exotic-Volunteers' on

The KatrinaHelp Team

+15042081564 -- local to Tulane, LA
24hrs/day & International