Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katrina Caravan Rescue

Katrina Caravan Rescue is a small organization dedicated to finding Katrina Evacuees a way home to family and friends in unaffected areas. We started up the Wednesday after the disaster and we have transported well over 500 Evacuees to friends, families and hosts. Please help us with our needs and hopefully we can put ourselves out of business!

In New York:

We need volunteers for a few hours to check messages and take calls in the Brooklyn office, if you are available to come to Brooklyn, M-F between 10-5, please give a call at 718-783-1453 but only if you can come to Brooklyn.

Here is what we need all over:

Caseworkers (Urgent Need)

Think of these as social workers for transport. Our Case Coordinator will help you get ready to aid evacuees. You will be matched with three to five evacuees depending on your time constraints and you will personally contact them to verify their needs, the areas they are traveling to, as well as a host that is expecting them. Then you use our database to match evacuees to drivers throughout the US, that can transport them to their final destination. If interested please email Sharon ASAP and tell her you would like to be a caseworker. This is an amazing way to reach out and personally touch evacuees and their families. Can do from home.

Phone Support

We need people to man the phones for our toll free evacuee hotline. You will be trained and the work is fun and the evacuees so grateful. We need people in shifts, so if you have blocks of time during the week or weekend where we can forward the lines to your home phone and you have internet access so that you can enter evacuees into the database as you go, please email Annie and let her know that you would like to be a phone support volunteer. Can do from home.


We need drivers already in the South or those willing to drive to the southern regions for the explicit reason of picking up evacuees and bringing them back to their home region. At the moment we cannot accommodate anyone who wants to come down South for a week or more on the off chance that we can use you but if you have a weekend free and can make the drive to Houston or Baton Rouge or areas in Oklahoma, please email us at and we will enter you in the database. Please let us know when you can make trips and how far you are willing to travel. Please leave a number and an email we can contact you at, if you have already been contacted because you are in the database there is no need to reply to this call.

Data Entry

We need two data entry people to go into the mail and transfer all volunteers, drivers and evacuees into the database so that we can contact them in a swift and easy manner. An easy job that can be done while you are at home possibly babysitting or watching TV. If you can do this job please contact Sarah at . Can do from home.

WEB DESIGNER (Please we need someone)

We need someone to get in there and fix things up! Can do from home.

If you are interested in making donations, we cannot accept cash but we have an urgent need for gas and Wal-Mart cards. If this is something you or your local community (social groups, churches, schools) want to help with, this allows us to keep drivers on the road and prepared with food supplies. Please contact us at (866) 738-9144 and we can tell you more.

Thank you all for being patient and for offering so much of yourselves!

Katrina Caravan Rescue
(866) 738-9144 Info/Volunteer
(866) 829-7313 HOTLINE FOR EVACUEE TRANSPORT ONLY (No housing sorry)