Friday, September 02, 2005 in NOLA

One of the stories making its rounds in the tech circles but not in the
main-stream media is that of direcNIC, an ISP in New Orleans, that has
kept its servers running non-stop throughout the hurricane (they're
using, ironically enough, old Enron facilities -- diesel backed power
and a fibefeed that runs under all of the water). They've been blogging,
videoing, posting pics, and IM'ing non-stop. See their pics here.

blog here

They haven't suffered as the thousands at the superdome, but while I
have a hard time identifying with the circumstances that put those
unfortunates there, I certainly can identify with trying to keep a
business going in the middle of a disaster.

They're down to a few days left of diesel fuel, and while they seem
amazingly enterprising and resilient, one has to wonder to what end are
they keeping it going? Even under the best of circumstances, it
certainly seems that NOLA will be a ghost town for several months...