Friday, September 02, 2005

Supplies for Katrina Victims

There is something you can do today to help people streaming out of New

I called one of the churches that is taking in refugees. They need lots
of supplies.
You can gather together a bag of supplies (see list below).

Go to the Post Office an get a Priority box - flat fee (choice of two
shapes), the cost of postage is $7.70 no matter what you put in the box
(weight doesn't matter).
Fill the box and mail to the address below.
I will contact more sites and post them soon.

They desperately need:
- tolietries (anything you use to start your day) toothpaste, deodorant,
shampoos, sunscreen, liquid soaps (small bottles esp good)
-anti-inflammatories (over the counter medicines) including ibuprofen,
- baby wipes, feminine hygiene products,
- imagine what you would need and send it.
Send to:
Marksville Baptist Church
PO Box 442
Marksville, LA

Write Hurricane Relief on outside (maybe it will help it get there faster)