Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bringing Internet Access to the Astrodome

Some good news from Will Reed of Technology For All in Houston:

Technology For All(TFA) is working with its community and corporate
partners to set up a Community Technology Center (CTC) at Houston's
Astrodome, which will soon be home for 25,000 evacuees from the New
Orleans Superdome.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to help in
this way and have made an initial commitment to install a 40 station
CTC. We expect we will need to expand that, but want to move quickly
with what we can do and then assess the additional need.

TFA also anticipates working with public leaders and officials to assist in the
deployment of a Wireless Mesh Network in the Astrodome. Those details
are under discussion. Pam Gardner (Pam.Gardner [at]
713.454.6415) on our staff is coordinating volunteer efforts to set up
the CTC and then provide programming assistance. TFA will need
additional computers (Pentium 4 or faster), software, volunteers, $'s
and organizational capacity to pull this off. Thanks in advance for your
assistance. As more details are worked out we will pass them along.
William S. Reed
TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL(r)/Technology For All-Houston
2220 Broadway | Houston, TX 77012
Tel: 713.454.6400 | Direct: 713.454.6411 | Fax: 713.454.6454
"We Empower Communities"
TFA's work at the Astrodome will mean thousands of Katrina refugees will be plugged in to the rest of the world again. This is wonderful news. If anyone can help them out with donations, as explained by Will, please contact them as soon as possible.