Monday, September 05, 2005

Blog posting

What would you feel or do if this happened to your family or friends? (Oh, by the way check your race and financial situation; if you are white have a car and some cash this may not apply to you)


Katrina Death Toll May Hit 10,000 or higher. (Quote by New Orleans mayor, AP article by Doug Simpson)

If you can put a time on the death of those that perished and determine that their death occurred after the hurricane and before the time of action, assistance or rescue, who should be responsible? Something else to consider is who is going to pay for all the mental health issues related to PTSD, separation anxiety, depression and grief counseling for all the people and children that can't afford it on their own?

I think we should see a flood of wrongful death lawsuits that tie up the courts. Let the agencies and people responsible bear the burden and financial liabilities to support their lack of action. If this happens and the families win, the caring population of the great US of A will be hit twice, once with there contributions and donations to support the relief funds and second will be the "Bush house and pals" using our tax money to pay for their lack of action.

All the comments about they did not know that the levees could break are lies. New Orleans asked for the funding to repair them and Bush diverted the funds to support his war in Iraq.

The financial obligations to repair the levees, restore the cities and most of all compensate the families that have been traumatized or lost loved ones do to a lack of action should be the sole responsibility of the Bush house and pals.

The way the evacuation was handled was an example of inefficiency, lack of planning and disregard for the families, children and victims of this disaster. Families were split up with apparently no thought of separation anxiety or reunification. Every person that got on a bus should have been digitally photographed and identified. Any information about other family members and friends could have been collected also. Then they could have then been put on the bus with the information collected entered into a database. The database could match up all the last names, families or friends. Then all we have to is distribute this information to all the human storage locations (that's really all the relocation sites are). Reunification should have been a priority to lessen the separation anxiety on people.

By the way how did a guy that used manage an Arabian horse club get to be in charge of FEMA? I think if you knew or when you find out you'd just shake your head and mutter "Ode to the good ole boy buddy system." Bushes comments to him were "Brownie you are doing a great job" This guy couldn't find his ass in the dark even if someone told him where it was. We might as well have a cardboard poster for the FEMA director......

Any way, I know.. I am not the only one that feels this way, have a good day.


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