Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Leave old New Orleans

It’s time for Louisiana to seriously consider destroying the current Orleans and starting over on higher land.

It’s dumb to recover the old New Orleans. Abandon old New Orleans and start a new city on high ground. The cost to recover NPOSI and Old NO will be staggering. With graft, politicians and shady construction companies it will be mega-billions of $. It will never be like it was before.

Take the current New Orleans, rename it to “Old Orleans”, demolition it, start a new city on higher ground and call it “New New-Orleans”.

The old one was a rat hole anyway - there are big rat in old NO. It’s insane to keep it below sea level waiting for the next hurricanes to come in. This could eerily happen in the next 2 months - more tropical depressions staring up right now.