Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief Resources: LawHelp

This page provides links to both general relief resources as well as legal resources and information on nonprofit legal services providers in states affected by Hurricane Katrina. You may also wish to visit

Katrina spawned plague of misinformation (USA Today)

One thing can be said for certain about what it was like in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina roared through:

Much of what was reported as fact by government officials and the media during the chaotic first week afterward turned out to be fiction.

Myths and misinformation multiplied, from how many people died to what conditions were really like inside the Louisiana Superdome.

"If you don't have accurate information ... you could be making bad decisions and just creating the next disaster," says Ken Murphy, director of Oregon's Office of Emergency Management and a director at the National Emergency Management Association. ( more...)