Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Mesage from Brewster Kahle at The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, needs help in finding URL's of sites and blogs that contain documents of this major disaster.

Please email links to sites and pages that should be saved for future research to katrina@archive.org.

We have worked to archive events such as 9/11 and the tsunami with the generous help of volunteers finding and sending in links. We then save these digital works for the long term and create research tools (for example: http://www.loc.gov/minerva/collect/sept11/index.html and http://web.archive.org ). As a library, we provide free access to those wanting to learn from these events-- we can only hope that we learn some lessons from disasters such as these.

Again, please send email to katrina@archive.org with lists of URL's you suggest should be archived relevant to the Katrina Disaster.

We are also looking for a couple of volunteers that can help orchestrate the crawl. If you are interested, please send a note to katrina@archive.org with "volunteer" in the subject line.

Thank you.

-Brewster Kahle
Digital Librarian
Internet Archive

Grace E. Lee
URL: http://www.depravedlibrarian.com