Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: What's Being Done, What Isn't Being Done, What Could Be Done

Taran Rampersad has a very thoughtful post this morning about the relief efforts, and what could have been done to improve them through the use of communications technology

For hours, I've been thinking about how to write this down. There's no denying the emotion that is piped in through television screens. It's a desperate situation. It's an inhuman situation at one level, and a very human situation on another.

In short - it's time for the United States to accept help - even ask for help - from other people, other countries on the globe. It is time for the Red Cross and FEMA to say, "We need help." And people are willing to help - humans around the world are willing to help, want to help in their own ways. The world knows that the United States has the technology, but it's apparent with every hour that passes that the coordination of relief and rescue efforts desperately needs assistance. Why it's overwhelmed is a question that may not be forgotten before the next election, but... the reality is the present. And the present needs attention.