Saturday, September 17, 2005

Help Katrina Lawyers: Legal Resources, Consultants, Relief Support for Lawyers, Law Firms

Lawyers in Louisiana and Mississippi have been displaced or have had their practices completely disrupted by Hurricane Katrina. A Louisiana Bar report estimated at least 1/3 of all New Orleans lawyers were unable to either access their offices or find a way to resume their practices. Facing a likely avalanche of businesses and individuals with serious disaster-related legal issues, the ability to restore our brethren to functionality is of paramount importance. The general public needs access to legal services as soon as possible. The best way those of us in the legal technology and practice management community can help is by providing technology guidance. Our volunteers represent legal technology consultants, practice management advisors and vendors of legal products and services across North America.

 We Can Help:
    * Guidance regarding restoring backed up data, or recovering data from physically damaged computer systems or media
    * Advise about temporarily practicing with either borrowed, rented or purchased new PC and voice systems
    * Provide remote access to allow any lawyer who can get online to use well-known legal software to get their work out and contact clients and associates
    * Provide sound longer-term focused guidance on replacing destroyed or damaged systems - but doing it the best way at fair prices, avoiding making costly   mistakes